About Us


That’s what the Noodlers at Dumpling & Strand seek in every single batch of our fresh-made noodles (never dried, always fresh!). Exploring the world for cultural tradition and innovative artisan techniques, we blend in innovative midwest sensibilities to create a new representation of what noodles can be. From the best of organic whole grains and non-gmo ingredients, to curious midwest grains, we create noodles with a heavenly taste and toothsome bite, forever changing the role of noodles on your plate.


Integrity, quality, community, abundance, and innovation—these are our core values. We seek to build lasting relationships — from the farmer, to the miller, to the market community, to each and every person who puts our noodles on their table, thus building a community of people who are passionate and curious about being in the kitchen, sharing food at their tables, and in creating and sustaining a better food system for all.


We think everyone should be as geeky for grains as we are. Over the last 50 years, heavily refined flour—both white and brown—has led many Americans to think that flour is flour is flour. We beg to differ. Grain varietals are as nuanced as coffee and wine, especially when you factor in fresh milling and elements of terroir—the flavors created from different lands, regions, and seasons.


Noodles require few ingredients, so they should have very simple ingredient labels. We source key ingredients that are always non-GMO, and, whenever possible, organic, locally produced and locally milled.


We have a vision of a supply chain in which growers, millers, noodle makers (that’s us!), and customers share common goals for building a healthy food system. Being curious about where our food comes from—and the people involved in producing it—helps us use resources more wisely, and gives us a greater appreciation of the land and its bounty.


In 2004, Kelly and her husband moved in across the street from Jeff and his wife, and following a spontaneous happy hour, their friendship bloomed into sharing meals and watching their kids grow up together. From the get-go, the “idea sharing” between Kelly and Jeff was vibrant and continuous. In late 2015, with their combined talents, curious natures and an exhaustive list of ideas, they finally settled into one cohesive vision — one that melds Jeff’s love of grains and doughs with Kelly’s love of quirky, values-led brands and, oddly, anything apothecary. From this grain of an idea (and maybe a *few* Manhattans), Dumpling & Strand, Noodlers at Large was born.

Kelly McManus, Operations, Marketing and Sales

Entrepreneurship and a zeal for creating unique things has defined Kelly's career adventures: line producer at a 3-D Emmy Award winning animation studio (Windlight Studios), co-owning a high-end flower shop (Fiori Flowers & Gifts), authoring a children’s picture book (Welcome to the Small World), Creative Director for Open Arms of Minnesota, and most recently establishing her own design agency, McManus Creative. In her spare time she also volunteered designing and building sets for Circus Juventas; a skillset that has shown up in Dumpling & Strand’s stage worthy farmers market booth. Kelly’s continual interest in things curious and innovative has led her here, to the creation and development of one quirky brand: Dumpling & Strand.

Jeff Casper, Co-owner, Production & Formulary

Jeff Casper was seven years old when he took his first cooking class; not only was it focused on Chinese cuisine, but it was meant for adults. More curious than deterred, he was eager to learn how to use unusual ingredients to create outstanding food. This pivotal experience propelled him on a lifelong journey to understand and create unique food products. Over the next 18 years, his food industry experience included product development and management roles at Pillsbury, General Mills, and Cargill, as well as R&D Management and R&D Director roles at Horizon Milling and Cargill, respectively. In 2015, he left the science of large-scale food creation behind in order to turn his curiosity towards building something local: a small business cultivating artisan grain methods to create an exceptional food product —premium, fresh noodles. Yes, Dumpling & Strand.